Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Adopt Don't Shop


Three years ago I adopted a rescue puppy from my local SPCA. which I named Lady. I've had dogs before but my heart just overflowed with love for her. 

Fast forward to 2019: I received an email from them before Christmas with a plea to foster a dog or cat for two weeks over the holidays. To give the animal a break from shelter life, time with a family would really reduce it's stress and help so much. I talked my husband into it.

As I made my way down through the dogs, quickly reading the signs to see who was available, this little thing just pulled me in. There was no sign on the cage, and I just knew I had to see if it was available. I didn't care what breed, how old, sex, anything, I just really wanted this dog. I hurried back to the front desk to inquire. The lady said she'd be with me ASAP. So I hurried back to lurk nearby, just in case someone else showed interest. The lady came and said this dog just came in two days prior, with the barky boy in the next cage, from a kill shelter in Pennsylvania. She was two years old and a new mom. The Pennsylvania shelter had adopted out her two golden puppies and she showed me their picture. Mom was unwanted and on the kill list. My Virginia SPCA has an agreement with shelters in other states. They'll relocate some of the dogs if they have room.

Yes, this dog, Angelique was available for the holiday foster, but she needed to be spayed when her milk dried up, so she wasn't available for adoption. We brought Lady and our daughter's dog, Frank with us to meet and make sure everyone was friendly. Frank was fine. Alpha Lady whisper growled but wasn't aggressive. They all sniffed and tentatively welcomed each other into the pack.

At home, Angelique was very clingy and we spent the first three days with her in our laps. I hand fed her. Within an hour, with Angie in his lap, my husband said, "So listen. What are you going to call her? Angelique is to hard to call out in an emergency. So pick something shorter so she can start learning her name. We're keeping her." We settled on Angie.

At the end of the third day, Lady stopped whisper growling and being the troll at the top of the deck stairs and accepted Angie into her pack as her sister. They played with great gusto. This was the reason I wanted another dog, Lady loves to run and romp with other dogs and she has enormous energy. We finally had her playmate.

I called to let the foster coordinator know we wanted to adopt Angelique. I was assured nobody could steal her from us, we were at the top of the list but she had to be spayed first. So I took her in to be spayed and was able to bring her home the same day. I was so stressed, worried. I brought her home and the next day I legally adopted her.

Meanwhile, the girls had overdone their play and Lady injured her back. So I have two dogs on pain medication recovering together. The biggest challenge is keeping them both sedentary. Like that is possible. They are both recovering and I'm so glad we have a blessed adoption ever after.

If you are ready to bring home a new pet, please consider giving an older dog or cat a second chance for life. Angie is fully trained and affectionate. I have no clue how she ended up pregnant and unwanted in a kill shelter. I've never trained a puppy that didn't pull me like a lead sled dog. Lady charges full speed ahead on walks. Angie walks next to me 💖